Houston Plastic Surgery for MenIf you’re a man, learning about what plastic surgery options are available to you is important, especially if you are looking to correct a condition like gynecomastia. Gender aside, feeling self-conscious about your appearance does not have to be a fact of life, and actually self-image issues affects both genders equally. Although it may seem like the majority of plastic surgery patients are women, many men also seek the help of a knowledgeable expert like Houston’s Dr. Clayton Moliver for a variety of medical and cosmetic reasons.

Studies show that men are increasingly open to pursuing plastic surgery in recent years. Perhaps they are more aware of the procedures available that are tailored specifically to their bodies and improving their appearance, or maybe there are an increasing number of facilities dedicated to making them feel more comfortable in a safe and confidential environment. Because Dr. Moliver specializes in gynecomastia treatment and other plastic surgery for men, he is a respected authority in this field with a large number of male patients and satisfied clientele.

Plastic Surgery for Men — Dr. Clayton Moliver

Surgical correction of gynecomastia is just one among many modern marvels in the world of plastic surgery for men. Dr. Moliver brings years of expertise to performing this increasingly-known procedure, however he has also helped innovate other plastic surgery specialties. Whatever the desired results, Dr. Moliver delivers high-quality cosmetic and/or surgical procedures to male as well as female clients, for everything from facelifts to liposuction, and more. Many patients are not yet aware of their options when considering plastic surgery, or feel they do not understand the possibilities. Dr. Moliver can help put you at ease and answer any and all questions you may have.

Men may not always be as forthcoming with their insecurities about their appearance but those insecurities do exist in men, often the same way they present themselves in women. So many internal issues can arise from feeling that your physical appearance falls short in some way. If you’re considering some form of plastic surgery for men to boost your self-esteem and enhance your appearance, contact Dr. Moliver today. We provide a safe and discreet environment to discuss your needs and explore your options.



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