What is Gynecomastia?

Houston Gyno SurgeryGynecomastia is a Greek term that translates to “woman breast”. It is the medical term associated with the development of excess breast tissue in men. Most people know gynecomastia by its slang term of man boobs or moobs. Gynecomastia is not to be confused with the growth of fatty tissue in the male breasts due to weight gain and obesity. When man breasts develop due to the accumulation fat alone, this may look like gynecomastia but is actually known as psuedogynecomastia. Psuedogynecomastia can usually be resolved through a low fat diet and exercise.

True gynecomastia occurs when there is an increase in glandular breast tissue in addition to fatty tissue. This type of tissue can be recognized as a firm, rubbery disc concentric to and beneath the areola region. This tissue cannot be eliminated through diet and exercise. Glandular breast tissue can become enlarged in males for a variety of reasons including hormonal imbalance, the use of certain drugs and medication, impaired liver function and many times the reasons are simply unspecified.

How Do I Get Rid of Gynecomastia?

Get Rid of Man BoobsFor men living with enlarged breasts, figuring out just how to get rid of gynecomastia is typically a top priority. If the appearance of gynecomastia is actually due to fatty tissue alone, a weight reduction program that includes a suitable exercise regime and healthy diet should be effective in reducing the appearance of male breasts. The best way to determine if you have psuedogynecomastia or true gynecomastia is to schedule an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon. If you have a significant amount of localized, excess fat residing in the chest region, then diet and exercise alone may not be enough to completely eliminate the appearance of male breasts. In this case, liposuction is a great tool for removing the remaining excess fatty tissue and contouring the chest wall.

When enlarged glandular tissue is the primary reason for the appearance of gynecomastia, then surgical excision of the glandular tissue combined with liposuction is the most effective means of eliminating the problem. This procedure is often referred to as male breast reduction or gyno surgery.

What Happens During Gyno Surgery?

gynecomastia-houstonGyno surgery is typically a combined approach of excision and liposuction to remove both the glandular and fatty tissue. The techniques used in gyno surgery vary depending on the extent of the condition. Typically, small incisions are made along the lower border of the areola, where the scars can be camouflaged by the color change of the skin. The fibrous breast tissue is then excised through the incision from behind the nipple-areola-complex. Liposuction is then performed to remove any excess fatty tissue. Liposuction may be performed through the same excision or new incisions may be made elsewhere (such as the side of the chest) to maximize the result. For patients that have gyno and have lost massive weight, then a significant amount of skin will likely need to be excised. In this case, the patient is usually left with a horizontal scar several inches below the nipple.

Am I a Candidate for Houston Gyno Surgery?

Gyno Surgery HoustonThe first thing you must consider is how much does this condition bother you? If enlarged male breasts are causing you both psychological and physical distress, then you should consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to see if gyno surgery is an ideal solution for you. You also should consult with a physician first to determine if your overdeveloped breasts are due to fat tissue alone or if there is also enlarged glandular tissue present.

A good candidate for Houston gyno surgery is someone who has explored alternative treatments for their condition such as diet and exercise. The individual should be physically healthy and at a stable weight with stabilized breast development. If you are a smoker who is interested in undergoing gyno surgery, you must stop smoking at least 6 weeks prior to the procedure. The best way to determine if you are a good candidate for male breast reduction is to schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon.

How Much Does Gyno Surgery Cost?

Gynecomastia surgery cost varies depending on a number of different factors, including where you live, the skill of your plastic surgeon and the extent of your condition. Dr. Clayton Moliver typically classifies gyno surgery as small, medium, large or extra large. The average costs associated with each of these is $4,300, $5,200, $6,200 and $8,200. However, every case is different and depending on your specific needs, the final cost of your male breast reduction procedure may vary slightly. You will receive a more accurate quote once Dr. Moliver has examined your case during a personal consultation.

What is Recovery Like After Gynecomastia Surgery?

Gyno Surgery in HoustonEveryone is different and heals from surgery at their own pace, however the majority of gyno surgery patients are able to return to work in just a few days. There will be some minor swelling and bruising for the first 2 – 3 days after your procedure. You will be given a compressive garment to wear during gynecomastia surgery recovery to help minimize the swelling. You should avoid strenuous physical activity such as heavy lifting for several weeks so as not to hinder the healing process. Usually around 4 weeks after surgery, patients can gradually begin implementing chest exercises back into their workout routines. Most patients are back to their normal routines after 6 weeks or so.

When Will My Final Results Be Apparent?

This also depends on how well you heal as an individual and how extensive your procedure was. The majority of patients see immediate results right after surgery, but over the next few days these results can be obscured by post-op swelling. This swelling will gradually resolve over the next few weeks and you will start to see the results of your gyno procedure. Residual swelling can remain for another 3 – 6 months after your surgery. After this time period, your final results should be fully evident.


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