Gynecomastia Surgery in HoustonGynecomastia is a medical term that originates from the term “women-like breasts”. While this condition is rarely talked about, it is actually quite common. In fact, it is estimated that 40 – 60% of men are affected by gynecomastia at some point in their lifetime.

Many young men develop gynecomastia between the ages of 12 to 18 as a result of the hormonal imbalance that occurs during puberty. For the majority of these young men, the condition will usually resolve itself once the hormones level out. However, gynecomastia that has not resolved after 2 years and persists beyond the age of 17 is unlikely to subside.

Causes of Gynecomastia

There are a number of potential causes of adult gynecomastia including certain medications and drugs like anabolic steroids. The gradual decrease of testosterone production as a man ages can also stimulate the growth of breast tissue. For a large percentage of cases, there is no detectable abnormality and the cause is unknown.

No matter what age you are, gynecomastia can be demoralizing for any man. Worse yet, our society makes it difficult for men to reach out for support for what they see as a very embarrassing and personal issue. These men suffer silently as a result, not realizing that a high percentage of males share this condition and that it can be treated with a simple procedure.

Gynecomastia Surgery HoustonRemove Gynecomastia & Live Confidently

Having treated men for years with gynecomastia, Dr. Clayton Moliver understands the psychological suffering and frustration that the condition can cause. Those who have it often limit their life activities to hide the condition, avoiding places where they may have to remove their shirt, such as the gym, pool or beach.

Dr. Moliver knows that for many men, gynecomastia surgery in Houston and its impact on self-confidence is life-altering. He has helped numerous men transform their physique and enjoy life in a way they felt they couldn’t before.

Your Initial Consultation for Gynecomastia Surgery in Houston

As a renowned Houston gynecomastia surgeon, patients travel from all over Texas to see Dr. Moliver, including Austin, Dallas and San Antonio. He and his staff are dedicated to personalized care and our state-of-the-art surgery center offers a comfortable, relaxed environment for all patients.

From the initial consultation, Dr. Moliver is extremely attentive to his patients’ concerns and makes sure he understands what your exact goals are. At your private consultation, Dr. Moliver will tailor a male breast reduction surgery plan that is suitable for your objectives, lifestyle and age. He will explain in detail what the surgery will entail and answer any questions you may have regarding your treatment plan. He will also review your medical history and perform a physical evaluation to determine if gynecomastia surgery is the right procedure for you. You will also receive an estimated cost of your gynecomastia procedure, which will depend on the extent of your condition and the complexity of your surgery.

Gynecomastia Surgery in Houston, TX

Gynecomastia Surgeon HoustonGynecomastia surgery in Houston and elsewhere, is one of the top five most requested plastic surgery procedures for men according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The percentage of males undergoing this procedure increases every year as more and more men become aware of it.

When performed by a skilled plastic surgeon, male breast reduction is a very effective procedure with almost no evidence of gyno surgery having been performed. The operation typically consists of a combined approach of excision to remove excess breast gland tissue and liposuction to eliminate subcutaneous fatty deposits. If your enlarged breasts are primarily caused by excess fatty tissue, then liposuction alone may be sufficient to produce the desired results.

True gynecomastia however, is a combination of glandular breast tissue, fat and skin, and thus requires excision to achieve optimal results. Excision is also necessary if the areola will be reduced, or if the nipple needs to be repositioned for a more natural male chest contour. Incision patterns can vary from patient to patient depending on the specific conditions and surgical preference. In the majority of gynecomastia procedures, incisions are minimal and typically leave inconspicuous scars.


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